Poetry in the Schools


Invite a poet into your classroom!

Georgia Poetry Society‘s Poetry in the Schools program offers free poetry readings and workshops in public and private schools (and to homeschoolers) throughout the state.

Meeting a real live poet can be a rewarding experience for students; being able to ask questions about writing poetry is often enough to get a student started writing, and not just poetry!

Volunteers from Georgia Poetry Society conduct these workshops. We work with students from Pre-K through 12th Grade. We offer the following, and are happy to work with you to meet your requests:

  • Reading and discussing poetry (our own and other poets)
  • Creative writing workshops for students and teachers
  • Talking about the creative process and assisting in writing sessions

Also check out our poetry contests for students!



For information, or to schedule a poet, please contact Paul Samuels at PaulSamuels1@gmail.com

In the Columbus, GA area, contact Hilde Holmes at oma@mchsi.com