Deer Me…

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve seen any number of four-footed friends wandering the wooded area of our backyard lot.  I’ve also narrowly missed a couple driving at night.  It’s that time of year:  the deer are mating, the neighborhood walks are aromatic with wood fires from the houses nearby, and the nights are growing increasingly longer.  Perfect background for the composition of some poems!  Something dark, melancholy and pessimistic maybe (just kidding.  Well, maybe not).  Perhaps you will favor us with some new work at our next (virtual) meeting on Saturday, January 23, 2021.  More details soon.  Steven Shields, President

Don’t forget there are still contests to enter.  See our webpage contests tab and note the entry deadlines.  You have until December 5 to enter the JCP Ron Boggs Award, and entries will soon be open for the NFSPS contests (all of them, including the one GPS sponsors).  Those contests run from January 1 – March 15.  We will have information on the Reach of Song Member Excellence Award by mid-December.

If you missed our recent quarterly meeting, you can still see it on our new GPS YouTube channel.  Our featured readers were Atlanta poet Julie E. Bloemeke  and GPS member Laura Johnson (their books also are available on our website bookstore link, BTW).  To see the video, select the fourth (red) button at top right of this page and look for “GPS Fall 2020 Quarterly Meeting.”