Slide to Unlock

Slide to Unlock

"Is it possible for a lyric poet to bring the rawest complications of the adult heart, an orchestra-conductor's authority of syntax, a pristinely liberating imagination, and a virtual mixtape's range of voices, reference, and places together into a single, unified, seemingly narrative, utterly dazzling whole? Julie E. Bloemeke's Slide to Unlock confirms: it is." - Jane Hirshfield

"Julie E. Bloemeke's Slide to Unlock is a kind of philosophical love poetry, and in it, the poet locates in the body the satisfactions of the mind: 'There is no place but here, / submerged, the flower of me, / the flower of you, both coded to open, / but brought instead to salt, / converted to everlasting.' Lines like these spiral and unwind in Bloemeke's opus. This is a lovely book." - Jericho Brown, winner of the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry

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About the Book

In Slide to Unlock, Julie E. Bloemeke investigates how modern technology redirects our erotic and familial lives, including phones that open with the swipe of a finger and text messages that move the speaker toward startling self-discovery–the “bright trick of letters” that can ignite memory and desire. Each poem explores the sacred and sacrilege within the large and small worlds we navigate–the chimeric ache of a Georgia thunderstorm, the “unseen union” in a Monet painting, a girlhood bedroom in Toledo, a letter secreted in a Paris bookshop–to reveal how digital language and communication, while designed to create intimacy, can leave us adrift. With a lush, hypnotic writing style at once precise and liquid, romantic and ruthless, Bloemeke presents a topography of all the possible ways to carry another person–to “build /the membrane / body ourselves / into each other”–to unlock the lost art of face-to-face connection, and to free ourselves to be “so so bad in how [we] want.”

Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Sibling Rivalry Press
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: 1943977763
ISBN: 1943977763
List Price: 18.00