Annual Contests

PLEASE NOTE:  The results of the Byron Herbert Reece, GPS Member Excellence Contest, and the Charles Dickson Chapbook Competition will be announced in the Summer 2020 Newsletter.

The Georgia Poetry Society offers contests on a yearly cycle, with entry deadlines in mid-November and prizes awarded at the next quarterly meeting in January.

Our most recent contest cycle included these three contests:

  • The Charles Dickson Chapbook Competition, with a prize of $250 and 25 copies of the winning chapbook;
  • The Byron Herbert Reece contest, with a top prize of $1,000 for a single poem
  • The Member Excellence Contest, with prizes for first ($100), second ($75) and third ($25).

Please check back in mid-to-late summer for the 2020 contest cycle contests, including their rules, entry fees and deadlines to enter.