Contest Fee Checkout

Select the dropdown menu below left to pay the appropriate fee for the Byron Herbert Reece Award (BHR), the Ira Harrison Award (IEH) or the Charles Dickson Chapbook Award (CHAS).  For these contests, DO NOT place any amount in the “other amount” box.

For the Forms of Poetry Award (FORMS) and the Of the Moon and Chickens Award (MOON), use the “other amount” box to pay the members-only fee of $5.00.  Using the “other amount” box, by the way, disables the dropdown boxes for the above contests.

Pushing the “pay now” button will direct you to the PayPal webpage.  If you have a personal PayPal account, please log in and complete payment.  If you do not, there’s a guest check-out option below the login window.

If you decide to pay us from a personal PayPal account without using this page, kindly direct payment to  The PayPal search function will not find us if you try to “send money” to “Georgia Poetry Society.”

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