Contest Results, 2020

Here are the winners of our 2020 Contests:

The Ron Self Chapbook Competition

Judged by James Green

Winner:     Trish Percival, Awake with low slung moon

The Byron Herbert Reece International Poetry Award

Judged by Julie E. Bloemeke

1st prize:     David Hutto, The ocean of that night

2nd prize:    Lynn Farmer, Surely I heard it

3rd prize:     Kimberly J. Simms, Route one memories

HM 1:             Clela Reed, White cotillion

HM 2:             Jill Jennings, Shoot me early on

The Ira E. Harrison Social Issues Poetry Award

Judged by Barry Marks

1st prize:       Clela Reed, To open:  A user’s manual

2nd prize:     Donna Rose Mulcahy, #metoo

3rd prize:      Nancy Cook, Season of the moon

HM:                 Lou Jones, Movin’ toward tomorrow

HM:                 doris davenport, trigger:  early notification of auto insurance payment due

The Nonce-Sense Poetry Award

Judged by Jeff Hardin

1st prize:        David Hutto, The elderly monk explains to his pupil five paths to                                                enlightenment

2nd prize:       Robert Wyatt, Last lay for Sylvia and Ted

3rd prize:        Jill Jennings, Parallel lines

HM:                   Randy Mazie, The discussion of nonce at the poetry roundtable

The Reigning Cats and Dogs Poetry Award

Judged by Marissa Simone McNamara

1st prize:         Lynn Farmer, Rescue

2nd prize:       Ann Willis, Greyhound sonnet

3rd prize:        Laura Johnson, Old dog

Our sincere thanks to all who entered.  We will return in Fall 2021 with another contest cycle. 

Please consider entering the NFSPS contests, open until mid-March, in the meantime.