Contest Winners 2021


The Charles Dickson Chapbook Award

Lou Jones, Of Poetry and Poets

The Byron Herbert Reece International Poetry Award

1st            Liz Garcia, “The Holy Breath, She Hovers”

2nd           Karen Morris, “Enough”

3rd           David Hutto, “The Blackberry Edge of Morning”

HM         Lynn Farmer, “Sitting Alone in the Japanese Garden”

HM         Kathy Wright, “History’s Plea”

The Ira E. Harrison Social Issues Poetry Award 

1st           Jill Jennings, “The Ventilated”

2nd          Richard Lawson, “I Sing for the Murdered 2020”

3rd           Kathy Wright, “Why I Stopped Watching the News”

HM         doris davenport, “Do I remind you of somebody?”

HM         Lucinda Clark, “A moment of self indulgence”

The Forms of Poetry Contest

1st           Karen Morris, “A Field of Moss”

2nd          Jo Taylor, “A Cento on Living”

3rd           Robert Wyatt, “True and Lasting Love”

HM         Jill Jennings, “Death in the Time of Corona”

The Moon and Chickens Poetry Award

1st           Kathy Wright, “Waking Up”

2nd          Lynn Farmer, “Writing in a Half Moonlit Sky”

3rd           David Hutto, “Distant Songs Are Coming”

HM         Robert Wyatt, “Sunday Chicken Dinner”