The JCP Ron Boggs Poetry Award


The JCP Ron Boggs Poetry Award.  GPS member Ron Boggs was also leader of the Johns Creek Poets (JCP) before his untimely passing in 2017.  Ron was a prolific writer and author of Life’s Way and No Stronger than a Flower, among others.  His friends have established an annual contest to honor him and GPS is pleased to publicize it here.  The contest is supervised and judged by the JCP, and any questions about it should be directed to them at

Subject and form:  Any.  Limit:  40 lines.


  1.  Single space the poem, except between stanzas.
  2. Must be 18 years old or older and a Georgia resident.
  3. Anyone may enter and need not be a JCP or GPS member.
  4. Entries must be the original work of the author, unpublished in any form and may not have previously won any contest.
  5. Entries must be in English.  No translations.
  6. Entries must be typed and must have a title.
  7. No more than one poem may be submitted.
  8. No name or other identifying information should be on the poem.
  9. Judges may not be affiliated with the JCPG.
  10. One winner and one Honorable Mention (HM) will be announced at the February meeting of the JCP.  Meetings are typically held the first Saturday of each month except months where holidays fall on or near the first Saturday.  A prize of $50.00 is awarded the winner.  Certificates are awarded to both the winner and the HM.


Submit one poem as an email attachment and send to between October 15 and December 5, 2020.  In the body of the email please provide your contact information and the title of your poem.  In the subject line of the email please write POEM ENTRY – Your last name.  As an example:  POEM ENTRY – Ellis.


The entry fee is $5.00, payable via PayPal to JOHNS CREEK POETRY GROUP.  Use this link to enter.