testimony is a culturally textured practice of delivering the word, with call & response, worryin’ the line; witnessed, echoed, accepted, understood, adapted, praised and passed on.  This book features all that, amazingly, in poetry, prose & photography.

     Part one, “winter skin,” includes obligatory socio-political-activist, abolition and survival issues.  Part two, “affirmations” shares re-directed energies of being, gratefully, “still here” (to reference a poem by Daddy Langston. Hughes.)  Part Three, “testimony,” features practical nature-based spirituality, with and in poems, and many photos. Additionally, the book contains an introduction, an afterword, a reprinted classic essay, and a special photo album, all by the author. Amazon Preview available. (184 pages. 40+ b/w photos) Pbk. $20.00