Reach of Song 2021

Submissions Welcome

The Georgia Poetry Society is pleased to invite submissions to The Reach of Song 2021. Submissions are welcome between January 15 and March 1, 2021.

These submissions are for consideration for the non-contest member section of our annual anthology, published since 1979.  Submissions are automatically entered into consideration for the Member Excellence Awards for first, second, and third prizes.  There is no fee to submit.

Please be sure your submission adheres to the following guidelines:


  • Submissions of either one or two poems are welcome. No more than two will be considered per poet. See “How to Submit” below for particulars.
  • Poems are welcome from January 15, 2021, at 12:01 AM to March 1, 2021, at 11:59 PM. The member excellence award winners will be announced at the July 2021 GPS quarterly meeting.  Those submitting must be currently paid members at the time of submission.
  • Please limit each poem submitted to 39 lines or less.
  • All poems must be in English. We do not accept translations.
  • Poems submitted must be your original work, unpublished in any form (including electronically) and not under consideration or accepted for publication elsewhere.
  • Poems may not be withdrawn or revised after submission.
  • Poets grant GPS First North American serial rights for a period of 12 months after publication. Thereafter, rights revert to the author.
  • All poems must be titled.  Do not include illustrations.
  • The Georgia Poetry Society assumes no responsibility for loss due to online mishaps beyond its control.
  • Submissions are deleted after the selection process concludes and none are returned. Do not send your only copy.
  • GPS strongly supports equal rights and treatment of all persons without regard to race, nationality, culture, gender, age, disability status or sexual orientation. Poems are disqualified if they are found to contain indecencies, obscenities, defamations, or hateful language.
  • Editors of The Reach of Song reserve the right to consult with authors selected for publication if there are questions about spelling, grammar or punctuation, and to request emendations of such, unless they are integral to the construction or meaning of the poem.
  • Submission does not guarantee inclusion, and no more than one poem per submitter will be chosen.


  • Please email all submissions to:
  • In the “subject” line of your email, identify yourself by name and the words “Reach of Song 2021 submission.”  As an example:

Steven Shields, Reach of Song 2021 submission

  • In the body of your email, list the title(s) of your poem(s) and your contact information. Do not put your name or other identifying information anywhere else on your submitted poems.  If possible, remove your author identification information in the document properties before submitting.
  • Attach the poem(s) as separate individual files to your email. Do not combine them into one file.  Attach them in .doc or .docx form. Do not use .pdf or other file formats. If we are unable to open your attachment(s), the entry is disqualified.
  • Please include author information of up to 50 words in the body of your email. In general, use this format: Full name, location.  Then, if applicable, list any poetry book or chapbook publications with publisher and date.  Finally, again if applicable, list up to four previous poetry publications. If this is your first publication, please note that.  Do not include your occupation, title, degrees conferred, offices held or other non-poetry-related information. As an example:

Karen Paul Holmes.  Atlanta, GA.  No Such Thing as Distance (Terrapin, 2018) and              Untying the Knot (Aldrich, 2014). Diode, Valparaiso Review, Lascaux Review, Prairie        Schooner.