From Goodreads:  “This little book contains so many colors of the spectrum that Poetry can paint. The reader is constantly surprised at what awaits him round the next bend.

Will it be the Powerful Sensitivity of Shoes, 497 Pieces, Aside, or Favorite Snacks? The charming, often comic Storytelling of Purr, Confession, Lizard in My Mailbox, or Sundial? Or the evocative imagery of Night Flight, Not Yet, Mini-Van, Knock and Miracle.

This poet shows remarkable versatility in clothing herself in a variety of robes to communicate her feelings through exactly the right words, regardless of mood. But she also conveys her core identity as a woman of Faith, quoting Scripture while questioning the contradictions Faith presents. She avows her Devotion in Rabbi and A Step, but faces down its questions in One and The Hand. Only a True Believer transcends the common pieties of Religion to demand clarity through the Fog.

While not myself a Believer, I was impressed by this collection’s ability to infuse Faith into the everyday experiences of a courageous writer. The Part called Separation truly moved me to the point that I was passing it around to others who would appreciate it.

I very much look forward to reading more of Laura Johnson’s work soon.”

Book Author

Laura Johnson