How is it a Marine Corps veteran, retired businessman, octogenarian and great-gandfather, sets about composing poetry? During his working years Lou Jones occasionally authored technical papers for business journals. Upon retirement it seemed natural to him to try his hand at creative writing.

To that end he joined The Greensboro Writers’ Guild in Greensboro, Ga. His desire was to be in the company of accomplished writers, seek counsel and educate himself on the techniques, styles and subtle shades of good writing. As a member he was introduced to excellent poetry and prose by experienced writers and began to experiment with his own writing.

Subsequently, he joined the Georgia Poetry Society. Lou was seventy-two when he wrote his first poem. Since, he has won several awards and his work often appears in The Reach of Song. He has self-published three poetry collections, From Microbe to Consciousness, After the Blast, and So You Want to Be a Poet, and a novel, And Then the Monarchs Flew Away.