“Wings from Roots” is Kathy Ellis’s second poetry book. Kathy took up the poetry pen seven years ago and to her delight had received immediate success on her poetry. Many of her poems have been published by various online and in-print venues and awarded by poetry organizations. In “Wings from Roots”, Kathy shares her experiences from a civil war, travels, injustices to relationships. Like a fine bottle of wine, Kathy’s poetry blends thoughts, marinates the images, and then releases the poem for others to experience. Kathy invites the reader to feel the essence, enjoy the humor, and dance with the heart and soul. Kathy is a co-facilitator of two poetry groups in Atlanta and she is active in the poetry community. Kathy has resided in six countries and traveled to more than 40 countries with plans of traveling to a new country each year when the pandemic subsides. Professionally, Kathy assists international newcomers to the USA, serves as a language coach, trainer, and instructor to second language speakers, and she is a licensed administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory, an assessment tool to measure how one engages in differences. Kathy has been a director, international student advisor, undergraduate professor, curriculum designer, and elementary school teacher. Kathy speaks three languages and additional languages seep into her dreams. Kathy grew up in small town, Michigan and resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where she hosts an international bed and breakfast and two multilingual cats. The author appreciates your positive reviews on Amazon!